Fringe benefits


Just back from a thrilling week at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Lots of good stuff, some not-so good… Such an exciting place to be; it’s so wonderful to see young actors – often students – striking out and gathering experience of performing, and also of the buzz and whirl of Edinburgh at Festival time.

I’ve never performed there myself, but have always enjoyed the atmosphere of the place – the obstacle course of the Royal Mile, the spontaneous street performances, the risky business of choosing which shows to see, never quite sure if it will be a hit or a dud… Anyway, here are a couple of picks:


For my first choice, I have to declare an interest – I am very good friends with the writer/co-performer, the wonderful Howard Read. But his show is still an utter delight: ‘Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure’ at Just The Tonic at the Community Project – a fantastic kid’s show which follows the trials of Annabelle, the smallest elephant in the world, as she tries to make her way across Arthur’s (Howard’s) living room floor, with the help of her easily-distracted friend, Icarus the moth. Hopefully touring soon to a town near you… Here are Howard and Annabelle being interviewed on STV:

Second choice, the very impressive ‘This Will End Badly’ by Rob Hayes at the Pleasance Bunker One:

this will end badly

– a tremendously exciting and darkly funny new solo show about the state of modern man, with a fine performance by Ben Whybrow. I would call him ‘one to watch’, if everyone wasn’t already watching him. Wonderful stuff.

So, to the deafening sound of the Tattoo fireworks exploding overhead, we bid the Edinburgh Festival farewell once more…

tattoo fireworks

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