Singing The Unsung #1 – Corran Royle

We hear a lot about those with their names in lights, but often the most interesting work is being done further down the cast list, and in theatres a bit further away from London’s glittering West End… So here’s an occasional series where I champion a recent performance that has really stood out for me – and take the chance to point the spotlight in a new direction.

corran #1: Corran Royle in ‘The Wall’ by D C Jackson, directed by David Ricardo-Pearce at the Old Red Lion, 6th August 2014

A real treat, this one, as Corran is someone I have met a few times but have never seen act before. I had no concept of what sort of an actor he might be, so it was fascinating to watch such a strong and appealing characterisation. ‘The Wall’ of the title is a literal one which serves as the gathering point for a group of Scottish teenagers trying to kill time in the summer holidays, and is the backdrop for a tangle of adolescent passions and confusions.
Corran played Rab, a mouthy and confident young sort very given to doling out words of romantic wisdom, if not quite so good at taking his own advice. He showed a great comic sense and a bold and totally convincing physicality. A fine accent too.

I’ve just heard that ‘The Wall’ will have a fresh run at The Hope Theatre in Islington, from the 28th of October to the 15th of November, so audiences will have another chance to catch this brilliant performance:

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